04 tips for choosing passenger car tires

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Having the correct tires in your car is very important since this is the only part of the car that has direct contact with the asphalt. For this reason, knowing which tire to choose for your vehicle is essential to ensure  your family's comfort and safety . Faced with several models with different objectives, choosing the ideal tire can seem complicated, and in fact it is not so simple. It is necessary to consider some factors, including knowing the technical terms. To help you with this, we have listed 04 tips to help you choose passenger car tires . View here for more info: lionhart tires review


Know your vehicle

The first step in choosing the best tire for your passenger car is to consult the manufacturer's manual. In this document you will find all the information about the ideal tire for your car and, following the instructions correctly, your car's suspension and steering systems can have a longer service life, in addition to reducing the chances of accidents.


Analyzing the manual or the side of the factory tires of your passenger car, you can find a sequence of letters and numbers, which correspond to the specifications of the tires. In order to make the correct choice, it is necessary to know the technical terms. To help you "decipher" this puzzle, we will use as an example a tire that has the following numbering:  P195 / 70R15 88H

  • Q: Tire suitable for passenger cars.
  • 195 : Tire width in millimeters.
  • 70: Percentage of the height of the side according to the width.
  • A: Indicates that it is a radial tire.
  • 15 : Size of the rim to be used.
  • 88: It is the load index that the tire can handle. For example, if we analyze the table, we can see that 88 corresponds to 560 kg, this means that each tire supports this weight. Adding the four tires that the car uses, we have a total support of 2.240Kg, according to the ideal calibration.
  • H: It is the speed index, it represents the maximum speed that the tire can support, following the speed index table, the H says that it can reach up to 210 km / h.


The treadwear of the tire indicates its durability, with values ranging from 60 to 700, but that does not mean that the higher the number, the greater the tire's durability. The durability of the tire also depends on the other components of the car, for example, if the shock absorbers or suspension are not up to date, it can greatly decrease the durability.

Origin of the Tire

Used tires can appear attractive due to the price. A mistake made at these times is to decide to buy looking only at the appearance of the tires, and the inner layers may be well damaged, in addition to the specifications may not be correct, all of which increases the chance of causing damage to other parts of the car and accidents. For your safety, avoid buying used or unknown brand tires that you have never heard of.


Explore quality brands

Currently in Brazil we have available international brands that bring good quality in their products , such as GoodYear, Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone and one that has stood out in the car market is Yokohama. Japanese manufacturer Yokohama is present at major automotive events, also bringing its line of tires for passenger cars, thus bringing a lot of quality and confidence to its customers.

Find out how tire maintenance works

When choosing which tire to use, you should know what types of maintenance you should perform, including preventive maintenance , in order to extend its life and be in accordance with or other components of the car.

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